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Quiet Thunder Media
Long Beach, CA
Visit Gay Long Beach
65 Pine Avenue suite 885, Long Beach, CA 90802, USA

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Visit Gay Long Beach is a 501c3 non-profit LGBTQ+ travel resource dedicated to curating safe spaces through our "You Are Welcome Here" Safe Spaces Long Beach program. Your financial support sends a powerful message and makes it possible for us to curate safe spaces, promote LGBTQ+ and ally-owned businesses, and print and distribute our “You Are Welcome Here stickers.

Why We Started
The Safe Spaces Alliance

Our mission is to curate safe, inclusive spaces in Long Beach, California, through our “You Are Welcome Here” Safe Spaces Alliance city-wide initiative. Businesses and organizations can take our pledge and receive a FREE decal to display by visiting our website at safespacesalliance.com and registering. Our goal is to provide visitors to our city with a comprehensive guide to LGBTQ and ally-owned businesses, so our community and visitors know where they are welcome.

Safe Spaces Long Beach Directory : How It Works

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